Your FAQ’s Answered

So what actually is Trashcan Rebellion? Are you a model? Who takes your pictures? Do you live in Cape Town? I get asked these kinds of questions all the time. So I thought it was high time that I write  a post that you guys can use as a reference for all your Trashcan related … Continue reading Your FAQ’s Answered


A Touch of Blush

One colour that is sure to be a hit this season, is blush. It has pretty much swamped the likes out of retail stores, red carpets and street style. The great thing about this colour is that it comes in a variety of shades so there is an option for every skin tone. The colour … Continue reading A Touch of Blush

It’s The 90’s Baby!

Fashion, like history, continues to repeat itself. Trends cycle back and forth and styles make a comeback with a fresh modern twist. The present is no different. Unless you have been living under a rock, you can surely agree that the 90's have made a full force fashion revival. Denim, patches, crop tops, chokers and … Continue reading It’s The 90’s Baby!

Light & Lucid

When it comes to everyday style, I tend to gravitate towards more casual pieces with a bit of edge. Enter exhibit A - this white bell-sleeved top. Bell-sleeves have been a style crush of mine for a while and I simply couldn't resist this one. I love that it is as equally interesting as it … Continue reading Light & Lucid

Prepping My Skin For Spring

Happy Spring everybody! (Well for my South African readers at least.) Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons for a whole host of reasons. I love the transitional dressing - light fabrics and flowy ensembles, the beautiful scenery where flowers and leaves are just starting to bloom and of course, the smell of spring … Continue reading Prepping My Skin For Spring