Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing

Tomboy Talk

One of my favourite things about fashion is that it gives you an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your personality (I've said that before and I will probably say it a million more times.) I definitely have an androgynous side to both my style and personality and love that I can showcase that with … Continue reading Tomboy Talk


Nicci Summer Launch 16

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Nicci SS/16 launch. Going to an event hosted by Nicci Boutiques is something I always look forward to. Not only are the clothes gorgeous, but the team always go above and beyond to make the event exciting and different. You are always guaranteed to come out … Continue reading Nicci Summer Launch 16

Red Wine Winter Dress

This week has just been one of those crazy ones. You know the kind where you think you finally have everything under control and then BOOM life just throws you one curve ball after the next. You know what I'm talking about right? We've all been down that road before. The irony is, if anything … Continue reading Red Wine Winter Dress

DIY Glowing Skin Face Mask

Taking good care of my skin has always been a priority for me. I try my best to drink lots of water, apply sunscreen every day and exfoliate regularly. However when it comes to a week when I'll be shooting, I always like to amp up my skin-care routine a little bit. In the days leading … Continue reading DIY Glowing Skin Face Mask

IMAN Cosmetics E-Commerce Launch

Last week I had the privilege of attending the IMAN cosmetics e-commerce launch. The event was hosted by Omega Cosmetics and was held at the beautiful Waterfall Estate. It had this luxurious farm-style vibe to it and really made me feel like I was out of Joburg for the day. (If you are following me … Continue reading IMAN Cosmetics E-Commerce Launch