Home-made Stress Reliever

Image via Pinterest At some point in time we all find ourselves lumped with stress be it work, university or relationships. No matter what the reason, its always important to take time out for yourself and do a little wind-down. With the kick off of exam season right round the corner (I started this week), there … Continue reading Home-made Stress Reliever



Talk about sass! Clearly I was feeling myself that day 😉 But how could you not? Flared pinstriped pants kind of do that to you. They make you feel so bold and confident. Despite what they may seem, they are such a classic, versatile piece that I am so happy to have welcomed into my … Continue reading Pinstriped

Pavement Special

When picturing a cohesive wardrobe, one of the first things that comes to mind is a good white shirt. Its classic, timeless and supernaturally versatile.  It is without a doubt a core element for any wardrobe. (If your wardrobe is like the human body, a white shirt would be the spine. Fittingly enough, the flexible … Continue reading Pavement Special

Into The Woods

With winter right around the corner, I find myself dreaming about the cozy winter fashion that is boots, jackets and coats. I'm struggling with dressing at the moment as the mornings and evenings are so chilly but the day is warm and beautiful. So its cold enough for a jersey but definitely not coat weather. … Continue reading Into The Woods