Delectable Dining in the Mother City

While in Cape Town this past weekend, we made a special effort to try out new places and not resort to our usual hangout spots. Here are some restaurants and coffee shops that you may not have heard of/ tried yet. Heads up, you should. Chart Farm Tegan and I shot here on Friday morning … Continue reading Delectable Dining in the Mother City


White Light

So excited to be posting this from the beautiful Mother City! Although I am only here for the weekend, there's nothing like taking time out and getting a change of scenery for a little refuel of energy. And these images couldn't be a more perfect reminder of why Cape Town is just the place to … Continue reading White Light

Current Beauty Favourites

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara If you read my last beauty post (you can check it out here), then you'd know that I have a major case of short lash syndrome. I've tried and tested an endless list of mascaras in an attempt to find the one that just does the trick. I came across this one … Continue reading Current Beauty Favourites

Little Europe

Happy FriYAY everybody! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. You might recognise this look from a few weeks back. (If not, check it out here). As I mentioned in last week's post, Maria and have so many usable images from our shoot that I couldn't share in only one post, so I'm splitting … Continue reading Little Europe

Maiden’s Cove

This could possibly be my favourite shoot yet. I mean, how unreal is this setting? Between the beautiful colours of the beach just before sunset blended with the white flowy kimono and blueish hues from my denims and top, I really love how well this whole scene came together. I bought this white kimono from … Continue reading Maiden’s Cove