Cast Your Vote

Hi Guys 🙂 I have an exciting make-up tutorial/collaboration in the works and I would love your involvement! Cast your vote on what make-up tutorial you would like to see me and a super talented surprise tackle.


Online Wish List

In between breaks from studying economics and the change in season (and by that I mean earlier sunset, the heat is still fiercely real) I have managed to compile myself an online wish list with items that are getting me excited for winter. That sounds crazy coming from a self-proclaimed summer-holic (I could totally be one … Continue reading Online Wish List

Rule of Three

Those who know me know that I love tying jackets or shirts around my waist. Its super cool and edgy ! Ever since I read this article on The Rule of Three (which basically says that the best outfits are the ones comprised of three elements - a top, a bottom and something extra (shoes are … Continue reading Rule of Three